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Operation; M.O.V.E. (Leftöver Crack)

Philadelphia / Seventy-Eight Shut down M.O.V.E. / By police state Forty-five police storm Powellton Village Government sanctioned rape and pillage Friendly fire kills officer dead The M.O.V.E. nine are framed up instead One dead cop / One officer's gun (One) Unjust system is yet undone In spite of efforts dissipated Until the movement was incinerated May thirteenth / Eighty-five Eleven people / Burned alive They dropped the bomb after liquid was doused To smoke out the family and burn up the house Sights trained on exits, the police wait A firing squad for those who fight to escape M.O.V.E. fought against exploitation The states injustice and their oppression For these crimes that the city pigs created The Afrika's we incinerated Sentence to be incinerated Sentence to be incinerated