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Super Tuesday (Leftöver Crack)

imposing western plans over in foreign lands with bombs we scorch the soil to fill our hands with visceral we reap in their estate and wonder why they hate theres just no right or wrong ill praise the night that shit'll go two towers falling down while we just sit around we're flying friendly skies until the city dies and neither one will save the human history and while the world is full this is a vital call i pledge allegience to the flag top the bottle with an oily rag we're building up and on em fast to destroy the pigs and break the upper class im only one this is my voice but you're gonna have ta make a choice i dont care if you disagree 'cause this fucking thing it means the whole world to me we won't be in distress by all the millionaires this time the truth is told and you'll think their deaths would be miners gold our freedom's been misplaced while god is spitting red the worlds your shooting range im gonna spare some change to uphold the stock exchange ..and choose what you did in the stock exchange for a piece of the action you cant afford for the victims of the IMF and the cancelled war all your weapons killed for foreign gas city model of the steel and glass i know your daddy died in the twins but he was just a pawn for the world bank imperialists