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Dark Days (Shades Apart)

I didn't know it could get so dark so fast But from here on it's not gonna last The days are getting longer and I'll have my time Tomorrow is not far away From where I stand all alone today Just add another minute for the sun to shine My shadow falls hard against this world It leads me to a special place It looks away from the shortest day But it stares right back in my face The sun at my back gives me a long look And it won't fail me now I'm walking straight to a warm embrace To a day that's never gonna end at all Don't you feel the chill lift from the air The sky shines clear to someplace where There will be no more waiting for the night to end I didn't know I could get so far so fast Overcome my shadow and walked right past Straight into the sunlight 'cause I know my own way now I know the darkness will return The numbing cold and the freezing burn The days are getting shorter But I know that I will last