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If I Was A Blackbird (Silly Wizard)

I am a young sailor, my story is sad, Though once I was carefree and a brave sailor lad, I courted a lassie by night and by day, Oh but now she has left me, And sailed far away. Oh, if I was a blackbird could whistle and sing, I'd follow the vessel my true love sails in, And in the top riggin' I would there build my next, And I'd flutter my wings o'er her lilly white breast. Or if I was a scholar and could handle the pen Once secret love letter to my true love I'd send And tell of my sorrow, my grief and my pain Since she's gone and left me In yon flowery glen. I sailed o'er the ocean, my fortune to seek Though I missed her caress and her kiss on my cheek I returned and I told her my love was still warm but she turned away lightly And great was her scorn. I offered to take her to Donnybrook Fair And to buy her fine ribbons to tie up her hair I offered to marry and to stay by her side But she says in the morning She sails with the tide. My parents, they chide me, oh they will not agree Saying that me and my false love, married should never be Oh let them deprive me, or let them do what they will While there's breath in my body She's the one I love still