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As The Crow Flies (Sundowner)

You've got stars over head I've got a wind-chill well below negative ten I've got snow and I've got ice I've got sun, I've got rain I've got you all the same I've got rain I've got sun when it shines I've got strings and calloused fingers a scratchy throat a melody that lingers I've got paper, I've got ink I've got a bunch of notes I scribbled down I think I can make a song somehow And when I'm gray and blue I've got pictures of you And when I'm blue and gray I've got clouds to chase away You've got green ocean eyes I've got dreams as the crow flies I've got cold I've got clean midwestern sunlight I found peace in my heart you burn like a fire in the dark I've got heat, I've got embers I've got sparks The past is dead but lives on through memory A cloudy head that is my history And some of my friends they love their misery As the river bends embrace uncertainty