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Steal Your Words (Sundowner)

I massacred the afternoon To the sound of rain drumming against parked cars. I drenched myself in desperate colors for you. I was dripping for your sympathy. I wear this weakness on my sleeve. I'd like to put you on. I'd like to wear you out. Solitary day. Forgive me for the blood you shed. City of night-Hear my footsteps. They echo through these empty streets. I've been haunting this apartment at night. Closed lips, abandoned ships, straightened with paper clips. And I get nauseous when the light isn't right. I listen faithfully when they illuminate for me. I wear your greatness on my spine. I'd like to steal your words. I'd like to give you mine. Solitary day. Forgive me for the war I waged. City of night-Hear my heartbeat. It echoes through these flooding streets. We can save ourselves from sinking.