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This War Is Noise (Sundowner)

The war will never end. It crackles through the speakers. I watch as the landscape roll on by. And all the drinks have warmed me up from my toes on through my fingers I made it through this day alive. Everything must go wrong before it goes right. So all the pages that I wrote will burn tonight. My mind skirts around the bend. The days have started to unravel. And I may never sleep again. And once I had so many thoughts that I wanted to convey. But it seems my day is at an end. Everything will go right all in good time. And all the pages that I wrote We're so starry eyed. This war is noise. Another coldfront's moving in There's no perfect way to live. But keep an open heart. And I've got so much more to give, If I could only find a way to show you all I've got. Nothing's worth this heavy heart. And less and less I even care. This war is noise.