Lay Your Heart Next To Mine (Azar Steve)

It sure is good to see your smile At the end of a long hard day Life out there is easier to bear When you look at me this way I can't count the times You dance through my mind While I'm tryin' to be who I am But you got to believe I'm not really me 'Til I'm back in your arms again 'Cause it all comes clear When we're both right here And you lay your heart next to mine I'll never get used to those short goodbyes As I'm runnin' out the door And I'll always hate walkin' away While you're tryin' to kiss me once more But I've got to do what I've got to do And even when it don't go like I plan I tell myself, if there's nothin' else When every day comes to an end It will be all right When you hold me tight And you lay your heart next to mine 'Cause every beat Every breath That I have you here with me It is worth all the rest, oh yes And every dream In my mind Comes alive every night, every time And the world stands still That's the way it feels When you lay your heart next to mine Come and lay your heart next to mine