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Dead a Pussy Nigga (G-Unit)

I dead a pussy nigga on some good word (3x) (You a bitch nigga, we take your shit, nigga) Everything you a see nigga got, we took it The block, we took it, your spot, we took it Every time you think a nigga not lookin' Nigga, I'm lookin', I send my niggas to book him We'll dead a pussy nigga on the work Go 'head, nigga, get a little heart, get murked Bitch, I be ridin' with the cobra on my lap loaded Try the fuck shit, a nigga will snap and tote it Boy, don't get bodied, niggas dying over nothin' Brand new Bent, fuck around and bring the trunk in We gon' boguard, I got all my niggas chosen And that little shit enough, we don't need a bigger motive Got a to-do move the party with me more Pullin' up, peelin' off like it's stolen Two o's on the meter, ain't no tellin' where I'm going 'Cept full speed ahead, we'll be slowing down for nothin' There's a material witness of an aggravated battery Uh, with a handgun and, uh, they believe, uh Looks like we have retaliation, uh - I dead a pussy nigga on some good word (3x) (You a bitch nigga, we take your shit, nigga) Got work, that ain't even what I'm mad at You a pussy nigga, you ain't 'posed to have that Give me the dope and the dough And your life, you could have that I'll let my young niggas share that Line yo' ass up like a fresh cut Lot of niggas gon' pass if they test us Open armed black funeral dressed up Yayo in the cut with the TEC up We get it poppin', my strap have 'em floppin' like LeBron Teflon don, rollie on my arm, southside bomb Spit the Gemstar out and your face gone My rap lines is the bomb like napalm Las Vegas in the Cosmo, bad blonde As brolic Scarlett Johansson Fuck her with my Maison Margielas on Ten years in the game, runnin' marathons Disloyal niggas got they Halloween mask on Solo dolo in the Stingray, get my mash on Hundred horses in the engine, rev the stallions Take the hit, I get paid first I use the clip with the curb when the K burst But I'mma pop this nigga on some good work A couple pills, lean and some good herb I got a body on it, do anybody want it? I'll take you right to the hood and get rid of this bitch Silencer on it, FBI most wanted If I find out you snitchin', it'll really get you hit I dead a pussy nigga on some good word (3x) (You a bitch nigga, we take your shit, nigga)