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Changes (G-Unit)

All I'm hearing is Jimmy want my shit to flop, Dre don't care if I blow God damn, all this from fucking selling headphones Chris died, Theo didn't show up to a nigga wake Which indicates the team I thought we built, it was fucking fake Barry's drunk, Barry dump, Barry's in the pen again I'm back at the drawing board, somebody call Eminem These days can't believe what you hear on the street That nigga said he owns the team, he only on the seat That's fool's gold we sold you, you fools, I watch you buy it What's this here some kind of new hustle, I might try it This flow got us all put on so I know I'm nice (Fucking with the wrong bitches got me cold as ice) These niggas'll change on you I can't keep count of how many times I done watched them change on me Now they hate everything I do I can’t help but win, I’m a winner, nigga, you changed on me Guess I gotta stop posting all this money on Instagram They welcome you with open arms and open hands I ain't rich like 50, I just know the man Red emoji faces in your text, I know you mad Pitch me a few dollars, more than sure you can When you balling the world's on your shoulder pads I don't owe you nothing, they busting, you ain't bang back You never fronted me nothing I couldn't bring back They gave dap, now they saying you never gave back You never gave me nothing I couldn't pay back Now you talking to the FEDs because you ain't fed Give a nigga a foot, they want your whole leg Fuck what he said, tell 'em get his own bread If niggas got a problem (that's a code red) That's when niggas pull up with long dreads Bumbaclot, man, shooting at your forehead They say family's first, but family is the first to get you hurt And these hoes even worse, all these riches is a gift.. ..and a curse Hate running all through the tree, thought they be rooting for me Backstabbing, lies stacking, the truth is gorey Forever holding on the grudges from my early struggles They see you go out and get it then want it from you Say you'll never be a winner, show up at your parade Outside showing you smiles, inside hoping it fades Rather be low now, money over the stage Sanity over fame, eye-candy calling your name But it changes, their love is dangerous Fog up your aim, there's a million ways to hit them cages Shit's contagious, forget my favors I'm outta here, flipping pages You slipping backwards going with all the other actors The limelight is hot, I ain't ask to be here The money and the power make problems disappear People change like the weather I weather the storm until it's better And these fake ass niggas wanna shake my hand Instagram hoes backstage with fans And the snakes in the grass ain't a part of my plan Stab me in my back and they say I changed Some of you motherfuckers changed for the worse though Some niggas change for the better Some bitches'll just never change Some of these hoes'll never change, man, yo