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A Doleful Night in Thelema (Anorexia Nervosa)

Out of the house, beyond the stones of eternal pain Across the orgasmic veins of the city - circle of death Unchained as we are, wolves of humanity's ancestral fears The walls, the humans (useless), they stand in my eyes (open) The taste of blood, the sign of war Never look behind, my body is so tired I wanna die Why is she crying ? Shut up bitch ! A kind of me... Never I'll betray Run my love Save yourself from this chaos The flames, the crowd, the new gods They're marching our plains Dispensing aesthetic death Oh, my breath ! Infernal sickness Nothingness - I am alone The walls, the bricks, a girl, oh God ! Never stop - the walls - destroy Fucking little bitch die, and die ! Friends of misfortune mustn't leave me here Run my love... Save yourself from this chaos The flames, the crowd and the new gods Je jouis, je saigne, je meurs, je vis Je pleure, j'ai envie de vomir Va t'en Pourquoi es-tu venu ? Laisse moi hurler Demain peut-etre, qui sait ? Tu ne sais rien et moi tout I know all Je n'en peux plus, j'en ai assez Je me suis brule les yeux et j'ai peur A line of cars (red and white) and this piece of steel which hurts me in my stomach...