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Black Death, Nonetheless (Anorexia Nervosa)

Make love with chaos, once in a lifetime... I've seen the son of the man He came to save the ones who were lost Fathers shall not be condemned to death for the sons Neither shall sons for their fathers And everyone shall die for his own sin. Holy me, blessed be Arisen in the ASA glory ASA, Sahasrar shall abolish the man in me Black Death, nonetheless... Black Death, nonetheless Black Death for me For my disease is carrying all the sins of humanity For my death shall be the negation of your miserable existence I was talking with Lucipher yesterday He said he loved you, monkeys He's the only one who cares about you, masses I don't care, don't give a good goddamn May you all die, bunch of pigs Wish I was dead and crucified too Stigmatized by your weak, ignorant moral My body's raped and desecrated by your innoncent newborn sons Anus-Dei God, their flesh tastes so good Flagrance of the Apokalypse Lucipher was born a long time after me And you love to gently caress his perfect hair What a beautiful child you have, Madame Ah, comme je peux hair tous ces miserables assemblages de chair Ces relations faibles et repugnantes Mais comment ne pas vomir sur ces corps abjects Ces tripes fumantes enlacees ? Ah, si seulement je pouvais broyer toute cette viande pourrie Dechiqueter ces putains d'esprits Expulser leurs fluides, leurs ames, toute cette atroce puanteur Ah comme je peux hair celui qui a ose les creer Je lui ferais bouffer toutes ces creatures Jusqu'a ce qu'il en creve Et qu'enfin je retrouve la sphere divine Vierge et immaculee Car Dieu m'a dit... toute vie doit cesser...