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Sequence 3: Flesh Goes Out without Grace (Anorexia Nervosa)

Yantric symptoms & collusion of the body with the need ... play of a spirit ready to leave... Ebola-Monkey visited me .. I had to kneel, to implore its grace "Nothing more is to hope "Won't be there tomorrow" The spirit of the valley doesn't die, there resides the universe root subtle ans steady, it seems to last Its fuctions never runs out ... " Holding a whisk... wanted to strike me ... Be-seeching him to make it hard ... But no mass anymore to implore him The shady silence ... Abandonned me angels appeared to me " . "Are you holding the immortality mask ?" ... I cried fot the closed failure of the day Twice etheric, I went out into the park to find the birds, I didn't learn anything from them. I was alone, dedicated to a certain death. Ebola-Monkey in the original night. I was alone, dedicated to a certain death. Ebola-Monkey in the original night . Ain-soph... is calling for me .. This state before birth & deprived of oneself reinstatement ... Unceasing mental flood & regain calmness ... Concealed exhaustion / Foetal position ... The room is talking to me ... Mustn't answer & the whole life will dir out this evening ... Embryonic dusk & reddening landscape... Cawing the marsh The civilisation is regressing & disapearing in my soul. Body abstraction... "At the end of the times we will be all spirits, the matter will first resolve itself & then will be dashed ... Only the spirits will remain in the liquefying space " Coniform space-time ...