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The Day Will Soon Come (Anjulie)

lalalalala lalalalala x4 Well I dont know just how to tell you this in a telephone call from so far that Im never coming back say you dont understand one day youll understand why, Im never coming back some other mother please believe like I believed in you for everything I tried and tried again but I never could conceive what you wanted so so badly now Im drowning in my dreams and I dont know just where Im going but they (chorus) they dont know me yet the day will soon come they dont know my best (the day will soon come) sure as the sun has set the day will soon come yeah, the day the day the day will soon come and what I really want I really really want is what I havent got yet thats what I really want Am I the only one Dont everybody want to try to get get get what theyve been dreaming of some people say I dont know my way I cant find my place and my dreams are much too big for the head theyre in when you gonna give it all up? say Im stranded in my own world Im going nowhere I thought you knew me better chorus My baby is crying said he can't compete with all the fire in my belly and the fire is rousing to the words I speak barely express the thing I mean so deep boy I hear what youve been playing at your radio but Ive been bumping something special through my head head phones you can say Im dumb say what im doing is wrong say it at the top of your lungs boy dont you understimate me chorus