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The Best Night Of Your Life (Hello Saferide)

I saw you as soon as you entered the door I knew I was right not to leave before From this stupid masquerade party we're at - Yeah yeah yeah I came here dressed like Audrey Horne and You came here dressed like Salieri Well Amadeus is making out with Joey Ramone Don't think we've met! Only in my dreams ev'ry night Well nice to meet you I won't let you out of my sight Oh no that's wrong Then how could it feel so right You don't know it yet but it's the best night of your life Aaaa I hear your voice, boy it's dark as the devil's Why are you standing there talking to Pebbles? And I've got a penguin checking me out Yeah, yeah yeah You've got the sad eyes of a poet I know all of that is bullshit I've seen that you got a carpenters hands I've got to go! Don't act older than you are But I've got work Get working and go to the bar I've got a girlfriend She doesn't have to know where you are You don't know it yet, but it's the best night of your life Aaaa