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Travelling With Hs (Hello Saferide)

I’m not stupid, I understand that it would be convenient If I was better at conversation. I’ve learned to master the skill throughout the years: small talking, but after an hour or so I mentally die. And I try, I try, I try, I try, but I can’t help but loving more When being on my own and watching everyday lives And I try. I try, I wish I wanted to go see local churches with you Or to go clubbing where the young ones do But all I really want to to is watch the everyday lives My friend, nothing is ever the matter with you I’m glad to see it, but I don’t believe it You won’t have to worry, I’ll soon have figured you out I won’t tell you when I have, but I’ll find your weak spot, your weakest spot, oh I’ll find it And here is mine: I try to pretend That I like to be part of it all And that I enjoy going out With you and you and you and you And I try, I try, I try, I try But I can’t help but dreaming of Sitting by myself and watching everyday lives And I try, I try, I try, I try but I just want to spend more time with my mind It always surprises me every time And none of you ever do it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you