Dad Dreams (Impetigo)

Someone's always following me Someone's always in my dreams Scary men with butcher knives Assume reality to take my life Why can't they bug someone else? Why can't they just leave me be? Little men with twenty arms Always f**kin f**kin me! I lay awake to calm my mind Hoping nightmares not to find Creeping crawling through the night Fill my fragile mind with fright... Hacked to pieces in my head Mayby I will wake up dead Too many times I swim in sweat Horrible things I can't forget Piece by piece I slip away My violent brain is held at bay By ugly men with purple eyes I wake up dead and realize How can my mind conjure these things? I wish that I would not have dreams 'Tis a better thing to have a heatthy mind. That to dream in hate, forever behind?