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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Mortuaria (Impetigo)

Wearing the disguise of the working class I use my occupation to fulfill my desires, When you're dead you'll be mine at last You cold, naked body, recently expired How can I resist your sagging breasts? Lain on the table, you smell of sterile death When I put the embalming needle into your flesh so blue I place my throbbing penis inside of you... My tools are ready... your insides to dispose I caress your slick abdominal cavity... my desire grows I lick your icy ear and fondle your lungs and toes I come... while my tongue is buried in your nose... OHH... The stench of your decay arouses me... alone in the prep room no one to see our disgusting sexual lust, no one will know... I'm alive, you and I are all alone... I want... to take... your cadaver home... I swear I'll never leave you... always yours... my love...