The Revenge Of The Scabby Man (Impetigo)

His nose is drippy, his hair are nappy, His teeth are yellow, his skin is scabby His ass is so smelly it'll clear out any moshing pit His tongue is nasty, his dick is green, His lips are chapped, his breath is obscene You could squeeze his pus-filled, and pop it like an ugly zit! He walks around town, you can smell his feet Flies buzz around his head as he walks down your street, The children run and hide to the safety of their daddy's arms He comes to your door with his decayed grin You wonder where the hell that mouth of his has been Should you slam the door? Or should you let him in? You run and hide but you can't hide The Scabby Man comes inside He picks his nose and eats his snot and then eats all your pot He pukes on you, he kicks your dog He's a fucking smelly hog He farts alot, he rapes your wife You cut a fart and he licks the knife... You think it's over but it's not over yet! The Scabby Man is leaking pus, he's fucking gross, you bet! He jacks off and shoots in his cum on your two-month-old son! the horror's not over much to your dismay You're the Scabby Man victim, on this very day, and he invited his friends to come over for the whole weekend!