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A Violent Scene Of Death (Torture Killer)

Bloody murder, a violent scene of death A bullet in the back of the head Lethal shot, point-blank combat Another life comes to an end Executed, a hole between the eyes Stare into the barrel of a gun Bone implodes, blood pours out One squeeze and the deed is done Bust a cap, another drops dead Seven minutes and I'll kill again Pieces of lead, ripping through your head This is a violent scene of death Rampage of murders go on And it won't stop until I get caught Got to run, killing time And bitch you are the next in line Forcing you to kneel... before I lay my vengeance Squeezing the trigger... and blow your brains on the walls of violent... A red gush smears my face Did you think that you were safe? One shot inflicts a wound A hard impact, the bullet rides through No one knows why they were butchered Terminated and left for dead Only dead bodies left In a violent scene of death Instant death, your body falls The bullet rushes through the cranial bone Collapsing down, (you) drop to the ground Left unburied for them to be found All it took was a single squeeze It's like the trigger is a part of me Only dead bodies left In a violent sense of Heath