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The Book Of Dying World (Torture Killer)

IT'S HERE... the prophecy of world collapsing The final downfall of man The stench of tolerance becomes unbearing The final stage is at hand Regain control of history impending I have a right to murder The end will justify the means - believe me, I will be forgiven... Time for intervention, crucify the traitors Forced elimination... your scream fades out when I nail your coffin Killing you will be the first step to right direction Decisive will to eliminate, the traitors of this nation Morals of false prophecy, brought us to this wasteland In disgust what we've become, and you're the fucking reason! Submitted and disgraced on a path you made us walking The book of dying world you insist on writing You are a pestilence, you are a fucking cancer Your ways will sink us all and I can't let that happen