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Tears from a Fool (Wolfsbane)

Baby, I think about you! Can't live without you! Ain't that what they say in those songs they sing? I hear them all the time, I sing them every night, I'm only good for lovin' you... Baby, I can't sleep at night! I get into fights, Ain't that what boys do, When the love has gone? Say what they don't mean, "Sorry," when it's too late to see. I'm only good for lovin' you... I thought I held the rainbow's end, Broken rainbows never mend, We were dancing on the wind, Now we lie with broken wings, "Sorry," don't mean a thing now you're gone! Baby, I was blind and cold, in this crazy world, Busy wanting things, Can't see what we got, And I had it all, It all comes down to love. And I'm only good for loving you, Baby, it's all been said before 'bout a thousand times, On the radio!, Hear them every day!, Don't you want to cry? Tears from a fool! I'm only good for lovin' you.