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Allegiance (Slechtvalk)

Sons, don't you know who I am? Not an all-forgiving man. No more disobedience. I am the one to whom you owe allegiance. Fear the judgement that I'll impose upon you If you remain untrue. Renew your oaths to me And I'll bring you victory. Do not tally too long, the moment of decision has come. Soon I'll depart on the final campaign to end your enemy's reign. Renew your oaths to me, then I will set you free. Slaves, is that all you want to be? Bound by your own misery, Forsaken in a hostile land, Only to be released by my hand. Come, weary and burdened to me, Find rest in my golden halls. I will consider you as my sons. Our enemy doesn't stand a chance, he will have to accept his defeat. He will spread his lies no more, my sword will silence him forever. The moment of judgement has come.