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Consumed By Flames (Slechtvalk)

Once upon a time, There was a majestic empire The Empire of Darkness, ruled by the emperor, with powers so great He tortured his slaves, and drank their blood to please his lust With a blaze of holy light A warrior entered the realms of night Alone, unarmed he increased his pace To meet the emperor face to face But the emperor did not want to see this man And send his loyal knights to seize this man But their swords couldn't cut this man's flesh or bones And with one look the man turned the knights into stone The sight of defeat enraged the dark lord He gathered his angels and raised his sword But it was time to realize this battle could not be won Yet the loss of his angels only increased his crimson thorn With eyes of fire, the Emperor unleashed his cry And heaved his sword, to make the warrior die But his sword he clumsily lost And he saw it vanish in a cloud of dust And when the cloud of dust withdrew He saw the face of the enemy he knew Fear of death haunted his mind But the victor was just too kind Instead of killing him, He took away his pride As he gathered his old slaves at his side And he led them to the Kingdom of the Light And freed them from captivity in the Empire of Night With his departure He casted a blaze of fire And sulfur and flames replaced the water of the mire And the ones who stayed behind were consumed by flames And the ones who were freed were called the saints But the emperor has escaped a certain death And now leads others to their eternal death