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Cries Of The Haunted (Slechtvalk)

Why hast thou forsaken me? Why hast thou turned away thy face From me thy servant in distress Oh Lord bent me thine ear! All night long I drown in my tears My bones are vexed, my heart is sore and vexed Water rises to my lips My throat is sore, I cannot speak Lord I beg thee to free me of this grief Which still haunts my soul, and makes my heart grow cold I am merely all skin over bone My flesh is too weak to resist the temptations Which the evil layeth upon my path I fear I yield to this heavy burden "What has become of the son, who loved me For so many years and now calls me into doubt He who has worshipped me for so long Now lives under the spell of the wicked That brings his soul only further in Darkness Away from love and closer to hatred Don't you know that I'll always love you? Return to me and I'll take care of you I'll bring peace in your mind and rest in your troubled heart I will treat you as my son I'll make you a warrior of the Light" Nightly creatures still haunt my soul Crawling against the walls of my broken heart Screaming inhuman blasphemous words Exalting the hordes of demon lords Where are you God?!?! "Here, waiting for you my son." I will always love you Lord Even in times of terrible Darkness Nothing can stop me from worshipping you Even if it means the end of my earthly life