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Divided By Malice (Slechtvalk)

I lie in this darkness with tears in my eyes, I weep in silence, but in my heart I scream. The path that I must take, it breaks my heart, I fear I'll never see my love again. I saw the hunger in his eyes as he dragged her away, The beast that had betrayed me. Oh how I hate him. Seconds lasted for ages. Did I just hear her scream? He'll know the meaning of pain when I am done with him. Torn by grief, I was left for dead And for a moment I was. I followed their steps through the wilderness Determined to take back what is mine. I wandered the earth driven by grief Until I finally tracked them down. I was shocked when I saw a glimpse of her bruised face; All the love she had for me, he had beaten it out. I could feel the fire of vengeance burn in my heart. When I saw her lips kissing his, I could not restrain myself. I only saw the fear in his eyes as I tightened my grip. He thought he had killed me, but now I stood before him. I drew my blade to cut this bastard down, But my arm was held back by a familiar hand. Instead of killing him, I cut off his thumbs, No longer will he wield the sword against my sons. I would have killed him if she didn't believe his lies, But he will live down in shame 'til the day he dies. And now I had my first vengeance I must hold of the storm, Before I find myself a way To win back her love for me.