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From Behind The Trees (Slechtvalk)

Now I wander in the forest to find my peace. Fighting the haunting memories of the past. Trying to realise the greatness of the forgiveness bestowed on my heart, Which is darkened with sorrow. At last it's meaning seems to grasp me. With newfound strength I carry on, Unaware of the danger that lurks from behind the trees And the certain death that seems to await me. From behind the trees, two arrows were sent on an intercept course, To weaken te noble warrior for the battle that lies ahead. Dark souls left the shadows to surround me. With eyes full of hate they called to me. Feeling reluctant to leave me without a fight. As if the arrows were not deadly enough. The slow poisen of the arrows, is taking me into death's embrace. I feel a shiver through my stomach as an axe found it's way through the flesh. As I drop on my knees I see my attackers run away. No doubt on another mission of chaos and mayhem. Soon I will die alone, left begind in this cold forest. Yet I am not afraid of death for I know what lies beyond.