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The Satanic Forest (Slechtvalk)

In the Forest, where night always dwells Chants of satanic rituals are sung To blaspheme the name of the Lord of Light And curse the ones standing under His might Screaming in the midst of the night, a creature rises To consume the souls of light With powers so unknown To impress even the saints And lure them into death Such are the prophecies from forgotten days. And the time is so near That Darkness will conquer it's way Out of the forest of the night To spread it's might Calling for their Lord The Saints live in fear For the mark of the beast Which is 666 The only way to buy some food But also the mark for the Doomed Lightning will pierce the night and bring the day The Conqueror of all The end has come for the spirits of evil And the fools with the mark on their hand The Satanic Forest burns in agony With the lost therein. Satan bound in chains for 1000 years A Kingdom of peace begins