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Towards The Dawn (Slechtvalk)

Once again, my enemy has amassed an army against me. He has come to face his fate. All the men he has deceived by his lies, They don't know that this night will be their last. I see the fear in their eyes. Their hope lies in a victory that cannot be won. Long have I awaited this moment, To bring my final judgement on him. Today is the day I finish him, He'll be dead before the dawn. Rise now my brethren and fight till the dawn will release us from this mournful night Follow me now as I ride through this sea of onslaught, death and fire, Arise! I have seen cities fall to ruin, lost friends to madness. I have stood on the scaffold. I have felt the sting of steel. I have tasted the blood from my wounds, witnessed horrors untold. I have heard proud men beg for mercy, endured what others could not. In the end I even experienced death... Rise now my brethren and fight till the dawn will release us from the ground, He thought he had killed me, but now I stand before him. His thumbless fists, his eternal disgrace. He is a shadow of the man he should have been. He could not keep the one I love from me, The bruises on her face begin to fade. Now I have recovered what was owed. His life will end. So I returned to face my enemy once more, The demon who haunted me in the past. Leading all those who will follow, towards an eternal dawn. We shall have the final victory ere the new sun rises. Now follow me towards the dawn!