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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Attitude Gyroscope (Ador Dorath)

Dissatisfied with the reality Which surrounds us We ask and search Break through the lines of understanding Naturalness is our freedom It shapes our principle and creates our world We feel ourselves like unique and individual We can say no! Cognition, the first and essential element Provides and prefigures everything Entering the light of our consciousness Setting the direction Transcend... rise from the necessity of mind Possible only in liberty Disengage from allegiance, release us Dependent on the world we percieve Penetrate further Understand each other Realize ourselves We start from what we know Observing of reality breaks down the lines of necessity We cognize reality We have to orientate ourselves in... We have to face reality We have to learn to live in reality Homo locum ornat, non locus hominem. Credere nil vitium est, vitium est quoque credere omnia. Wilful act of endeavour and behaviour Quest to the world's end To the undermost depth of what is seen Our visions exceed perceived image It is designed and accepted One implicates other We ask and search ourselves with lights of realiance