Balance (Ador Dorath)

Alone in the captivity of my thoughts I search what I may have not lost Hidden knowledge blown by time That would give me hope Loneliness does not give only sadness Sadness could become a key The key to lost innocence The way to find the blown rest Blind mind led me astray The scales fell from my eyes And I search for the cause Life in memories sidetracks The dream became a silent movie The dream that used to live wanted to survive But I woke up Morning haze got into my eyes Numbness at down of a new day How should I give things their order How to find the meaning I would give everything for that grains of sand... I stand in vacuum waiting For arrival Slowly, as slow as the water flows I look truth in the face Reverse the faith Wipe off the hatred I want to wake up I do not want to dream any more The creator hands over And I add my print We have life we deserve We perceive it in the same way As we think about it We predetermine its shape