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Dead On Arrival (Ador Dorath)

Short and sudden discomfort I must decide Raging insufferable thirst Durable and sour like fresh fruit Neither water nor wine could vanquish it ... and then it comes... Dreaming about... Dreaming about dreams of reality, Or vigilance about dreaming... ? My skin is contracting and swelling This makes my hands unable to be kept still Ripe poppies in mountains of Laos White hair phantom - half man and half ghost As a portrait of goddess with denuded bust Necklace made of golden poppyheads Girls start playing the flutes The first is beautiful and georgeous The second is tempting and charming The third frights me and whispers somewhat in my ear The fourth kisses me, but she tastes like crown of thorns She denudes unawares This vision is so real Touches me, fondles me Shutting my eyes tight, is this just a dream? I know it is not! I wonder where do my thoughts belong Everything looks so bright, so clear Everything is simple At least this time Like butterfly in chrysalic Resemblance accomplished by metamorphosis Open wide a window for this time Until it is colsed again And the punishment for this determination will take it's turn The window is closing And the dark is all what is inside The Mother of Happiness, The Mother of Doom Glittering in the glass of wine