Egoistic Empathy (Ador Dorath)

We faith in unlimited progress of mankind Renaissanced mind on the treshold of modern period Fruits of our deeds hit while adopting Independent will demanding understanding The closer to human values, the more doubtful progress seems to be... Rise and decline progress and regression Not only progress and regress An abysm of impasivity The maze of absurdity Helplessness and insanity What is The Deepest? What is The Real? We are anxious to break through our limits! We inherit everything and we inherit nothing Every one of us starts from the beginning Human artifacts facilitate realizing Make it possible - but not replace Possibillity doesn't replace, no mistake... Gliding on the low and the high waves Their heights implicate each other This is how the purpose goes The way to destination is soaked in blood and sweat Rise and decline progress or regression Explosion of nihilism inside of protest against itself Frustrated just like prisoners in cells Observed and pursued At the fun house of databases Our World is situated