Only The Man Has The World (Ador Dorath)

I am asking... I am asking about myself... Aware of myself, aware of all the details I experience and comprehend myself in my world Self fulfillment accomplishes what express and develop the essence of my life My world of experience and understanding Opens the possibilities of thinking and introspection I adolesce to myself In entire world Distinct from others Dependent on myself Between me and the world United in realizing myself with the Word My life is completion of my purpose ... for me and for others I inherit from myself but I have never been just inside I concept the world to the interior of my consciousness I face up to what is inside and what is outside I ask and try to find an answer What I am What I want What I am tend to be... Amid things and people Dependent on human society Experiences are entering my notion of the world I overcome myself I inherit from myself The intellect does not think, the will does not decide Our world is an open world We perforate and extend it's limits all the time... We are free toward the enviroment open toward Our world will never be done!