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Postscriptum (Ador Dorath)

"We are going on the healer's way keep carrying a snake." The Man has been trying to find something through his life Even if he finds it... He is not fully satisfied with what he has found Beacuse it may not be what he had been looking for So he keeps looking for it to find again What he has long for... He could be seeking and exploring again and again... We are the independent constituency of our values Everything is in your hands... The Truth and The Lie, The Good and The Evil They do not eliminate one another But premised... We willingly rush into insecurity Being conscious of our own fate We are coming to the verge of death Then we realize beneath the astral sky... How magical adventure can be When revealing the secrets of the universe Far away from the stars World faces every single experience Destination of the one who said: "Behold, I make everything new..."