Race for Life (Ador Dorath)

It is getting dark and the sun is going to sleep When the hight steals in, the warmth leaves the Earth You are standing on the edge and one step is enough For your body to admitt your finality Tens of reasons to do this are flashing on your mind Tens of reasons and just one step Stop and thinik... Is this enough? To be lost in dreams with birds for a while Silence, fall... tranquillity Open your eyes, take a look around Look around and say... ... Is there any way to go back? There is always a chance for you The whole world is ablaze With thousand colours and shades You have never seen so much beauty You have never comprehended Never experienced Grab your life in your hands This is the right moment A life was given to you, do not waste it Thousands of people have never got this opportunity To come so far and be able to decide Don't loose your dreams, open your eyes Life dooesn't wait, wait like death... A chance to decide and go A chance to find yourself and live your life Life is rough from time to time This one step makes it easier... ? Open your eyes, take a look around There are a plenty of ways Plenty of ways to lead astray