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Space Odyssey (Ador Dorath)

The time is drawing nearer Comet endures her eternal wandering She gets over, glance like the falling Star Unfold her lucent tail like a peahen under the Sun Admired that she passes the Earth Live and enjoy! Meeting millions of stars Travel through the space Nascent by contraction of interstellar mass Forming, growing and fading... Star drift forms the rising system The old dream is realizing Creating noble elements from the worthless trash Here comes the moment of candescence The moment when she inflames is coming And commence the life Three milliard degrees fever Grow up and grow stronger Swell and get colds Burst and contract Collapse and scatter it's mass Spectacular cosmic rain Nebula in interstellar space Is the memorial of the star Exhausted, she will collapse into the Black Hole Or explode like supernova Her scattered mass Serves as a building stone For next generation of stars The hairiest of all the hairy sisters Is going to chop apart our strenuous history Illuminate us with her fulgent flash Embrace our human experience