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Hate Net on Broken Heart (Lunarsea)

Days of sun sway from past like silently waves slowly Unable to smile at new mourning, unable to find pleasure in a little things Uncapable to recognize the wings of loyalty Happy when I savour bitter drops of someone under tongue When I see minor demon eating everything, always I have to obey not to vomit. trouble by the light on face I've forgot who I was, forgot what heart wrote about joy Everytime I try to escape the net tights me, and dribble drips on the floor Meridians, coordinates of life Meridians, close to me a safe place The flies that coming here will be a supreme meal Oh, hatenet wire.. Needle to roar, to love the hate again Binded and bedridden at the noose. hear my voice in a solitary hours Like a spider I move back over wall, behind the door my screamed name But staying here I can hurl desperation, icons of time that are repeating Grating hard rust on skin Nimbly with eight legs, weave hatenet around room; trapped among wires Oh, meridians...