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Qubenauts (Lunarsea)

In a desert galaxy, not far from here Closed in a transparent cube, I'm looking for today Journey trough the void, total running of 30 minutes Segment of a silver asteroids, craters and obsessions Before Orion's belt rips for three times the mechanism Put on blood of saint in the tank They rock you, they row for you, how much to be a coward Straight lines form a circle, correct and superimposed directions Options that don't exist, infinity sends communication's code Nomads in the cube have taken long way, from theirselves to nowhere Cause they ride on to the east, they are riding with no breeze Cosmo misses God, but has a law for us They have gone to the west, can't leave the undone behind Welcome spirit that combs a shattered souls Punished like a cain's son, they go where no one Would try, to suffocate in the solar wax Higher much higher, reach out to the meanness Footstep in astral phobia and one eye's Scanning the flat universe Pick up piece of smiling wisdom And keep going most precious stalactite tear by tear It's the least beauty of their collections Mute iron seagull flying around, his opened wings project Shadow on them all Fleeting memory, fast and quick, another sleepless space It's not my home, not my doom, somewhere they go I follow them It's not my womb, not my doom, everywhere they go I have to go still time