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Still Age, Still Time (Lunarsea)

Brain works hardly, drop falls on mirror He has finished words, would to known somehow wind takes away this day from his hands Noises twist around the silent illness Everything seems burnt, everything seems faded He have found joy's ripper ain't an angel Full of blame, full of lead I don't succeed to react, I don't succeed to swallow Still age, brain works hardly, where all my wishes are denied Still frame of mirror, clean my misty mind. still time, a mighty mission of the lie You'll never be the same please leave me alone One second of fatigue, hundred bright years Elements of ethics eclipse are running low and cold Some closed callbacks Monotony and anatomy of old one that never ends Anything to do he tries Ask or ask whispering to me what it is and what shouldn't to be Will don't arrive to the action, arms of absent time Nothing to say, nothing to justify Still age, where all my wishes are denied Still time, blow on misty mind Still frame, the mighty mission of the lie Still age, still time In a personal temple he stand still, lack of appetite, lack of wounds Show me the abyss that will be covered by undulated loneliness