Tales of N.D.E. (Lunarsea)

Make darker my death, drift away from body Gift for my empty journeys, wandering... hell by heaven Deprive of oxygen, try to see your energy, refreshing sips keep me dead Stop for loving sebum of life, lying down But I'm staying over me, cannot move and always where I want I am I'm wrong damned whore, just do it, I don't it again Now its going to die, all is not out of control You'll never be dead, never be dead, you never will be dead I have buried myself somehow and digging shallow ground I'll be the first resort, my veins are full of new blood With me singular worth born, the same as always Doze in abstract dimension I realize that outline What I see is the hell? or my deuced brain stay not well What I feel is the end? or my deuced brain stay not well Wanna die no more No sorrow no pain, meet everyone you believe Get away, get away, get away, get away, get away from my way For the opened- arms men, toil near the ass For the kneeling prayer, bowed to show reverence