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The Smokers (Lunarsea)

Watching TV, live without respect and esteem Window of summer, enter fresh air of evening, a stupid film Demostration of decay; sad of myself and looking part of the world I should break the screen, eat all photos; but night is coming Do you wanna a company? I am the smoker, lost in smoke, when I wait an idea to get the breeze out, I disappear I'm the sleeper, hint in emphasis, when all the drags go up in smoke I tremble in pain... Light a stick, inhale, my polluted lungs! from fingers to mouth Your facelines in the dark Allow one day to dejected I've already burnt my lips once I'm the smoke, I'm here again, you're my smoker Our deadly win One stick again One flame for me, alone Tomorrow as today, smoke calls smoke, my own with severity of loser, but I don't it. docile ash over the room Sit like a statue All around is gray and blue, I never wouldn't finish to regret Even if I left seal of dream, ray light hits me by lunarsea No brakes for shaken mind, fit for purpose