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Innocent Sinner (Inquisicion)

Under the sign of Christ we met At the entrance of God's house My eyes clasped hers, and she just gave in Desire in my mind I crave her body to posses I crave her soul See me now with lustful thoughts Redemption come to me She is leading me into temptation Innocent sinner, victim of lust Is this angel's or demon's work Guiding me towards sin What has she done to me, always feared God I'd swear I saw her in black magic Was it real or illusion? No follower of Christ can be obsessed with a dirty bitch like that Wicked girl behold, stay away from me! Innocent sinner, victim of lust Ministers are willing to learn about women that haunt honest men "At night she comes won't leave me alone, she is wicked and must burn:" I knew while her tears fell to fire That this was the wish of God Flames of hell will clean her soul and bring her peace again