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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Pagan Rites (Inquisicion)

Temple with no walls Stone altar of sacrifice I call the powers From the Dragon's breath The Earth forces are rising... Let's fall in trance In pleasure we'll face the death Rebirth of Fire Pagan Rites Let's forget good and evil... Now starts the reign Of pleasures of the flesh Ancient rituals of spring No church ever killed Our feast of blood Shall cross the boundaries of will Give yourself to the Gods of days long past They whisper in darkness On the night of Beltaine Give in to the pulsing flames of lust As voices chant with devotion All around, all around I loose myself... The Goddess welcomes the Horned One Priest and priestess unite Tonight, Light the flame of Tara I will bathe in the blood of sacrifice Feel the pounding inside Tonight, Swallowed by the tides