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The Dreamquest Of The Unknown Avalon (Inquisicion)

Eyes of doves have seen the enemy's face Hawks prepare for the defense Cause a new God is destroying the old isle of Avalon Lord Guigomar's knights must slay Him now Otherwise the Dragon dies Without his breath the mists shall take the island into oblivion [chorus] Valiant and brave On horses proud Fierce riders are eager to fight Gleaming helmets Shield and strong lance No cavalier ever surrenders Lands glide on under the palfrey's swift pace Gray clouds are covering the sky All knights listen to catch the sound of horn or baying of hound Anger grows as they near the place yonder Where villainy has no equal Whence came red and black flames to lick at the sacred mother's earth [chorus] Pledged an holy oath to Merlin and Priestess Thou may be sure without fail That we shall fight until defeat or victory Fate give us an honorful death [solo] Lightning of silver, the black sky explodes A roar rises from the fight Cavaliers draw their swords from the scabbards while the horses sweat and foam No knight of Avalon scares from battle Blood slakes the thirst of their swords The Dragon survives as long as they have the strength to rise after fall