Alice Says Yes (Ferron)

First comes the kiss Then comes the hands too hot to touch Feeling like this I want to be with you so much Driving to work in the morning Everyone's house looks warm inside I can't believe what I'm thinking I've got to be out of my mind When you give me a cactus flower I figure you're telling me how it is We make love, it's a cosmic shower And I ask you, are we friends too I talk to my sister about it all To see what she did when she was here She tells me don't give up your freedom Which goes to show freedom is not so clear I'm alive in my center And true to the core is (in) how I feel (And) I don't believe I have entered The place she says where (when) nothing's real You give me a heart shaped box I give you a crackerjack ring You say here I come ready or not And I say I'd do anything for you I call up my old friends to tell them Any excuse to say your name Finally I'm touched and I'm open Fear and elation now feel the same More and more often I wave off friends to stay alone The life of the party is nothing Compared to the mystery that waits at home When you give me a brown care bear I give you a miniature moving van When you tell me that brown bear cares I say yes we can, yes we can ( Every move you never made Every word you could not say Every cry you cried alone Can remain with us instead. There's a bird for every sky And a fish for every sea And everything that's in between Is where it is Is what it is )Other Ferron songs