Takes A Little Time (Ferron)

Sadie's momma was a tanker always bowling her down to the ground And when Sadie got old enough she moved it on Her freedom was a one way bus to another town She had a little money, bought a dress and she put it on And she worked her days in an all night restaurant It was called believe or not...Anything You Want There was a woman on the graveyard shift that Sadie liked a lot And she even took to coming early just in case they could have some time It seemed that anything the graveyard lady wanted the graveyard lady got And Sadie decided the difference between them was a shadow line Years would fly before she'd bother to try to be her own true face Right now seemed like every thing was sadly stuck in place Hot town, Toronto, l951 The Spring is doing its stuff She sends a letter home to say "I've come undone" All they say "that's tough" Another birthday pass her by and she has a dream one night that she can fly And she goes to work that day and all she does is cry cry cry And Sadie finally meet a man who dances a jig and she follows him down But don't he turn out to be a little angel of misery Living quiet in a private dream, protected by a frozen frown Periodically he looks up and says "Sadie, what's to become of you and me?" It's at these times that she holds his head Half wishing all the while that he's holding her instead And she finally tells him that and it blows his mind... Takes a little time, takes a little time, takes a little time. Takes a little time, takes a little time, takes a little time. It's so amazing what you don't find out when you're dancing!!