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Another Place, Another Time (Gentry Bobbie)

Another place, another time Another song, another rhyme Is it so wrong to wish it so? The seasons come, the seasons go Another year, another day So long ago, and far away.... There was a time when we could do anything With a brown paper bag and piece of string Go for a ride, we'd put the car-top down Somehow we'd end up in another town Funny how things can turn themselves around There was a time when we could go anywhere And not have to worry 'bout things when we got there We used to think the world was doin' fine Travelin' below that Macon County Line Funny how people can be so unkind There was a time when we could be anyone A time when things were good and life was fun When I met you, it was my lucky day Didn't have time to say what I wanted to say Sure gonna miss you when you go away