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Benjamin (Gentry Bobbie)

Benjamin rode out of Montana On a Palomino pony He told me he was all alone He lost his family in forty-nine Benjamin took me to San Diego Guess we caused quite a commotion Selling Pacific ocean water And callin' it seaweed wine Oh, I never had as good a friend as Benjamin He loved to travel He'd been ever' place I'd been and back again That boy could unravel Stories that would make your eyes Big as blackberry pies, I'm tellin' you Life could be fun for anyone Who had a good friend like Benjamin Had a good friend like Benjamin Well, me and Ben thumbed a ride to Alabama Spent the summer pickin' cotton Now it was so doggone hot We bought us a three-speed electric fan Then at night we'd drink a Coca-Cola Listen to the rain a'fallin' Hearin' the bob white callin' As though he'd know we'd understand Well, Ben and me spent some time in Oklahoma Livin' on a reservation Workin' at the service station Pumpin' gas and passin' time We caught a train down to Harlan County Thinkin' we were awful lucky Just to walk along a Kentucky back road Without no reason nor rhyme Had a good friend like Benjamin