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Casket Vignette (Gentry Bobbie)

Here are some samples of the fabric, Miss Morgan I know how painful it must be But I guess it's your responsibility I understand he was your fiancee What a tragedy Everybody wants to go to heaven, Miss Morgan But nobody wants to die Have you often wondered why And why are your eyes so dry It would help to cry This is a popular, dusty-rose velvet Miss Morgan Or how about a satin brocade Guaranteed not to fade Or maybe you'd prefer another shade Trimmed in gold or silver braid Would you like a lemonade There's no ice, I'm afraid You can rest assured you have our heartfelt sympathy (You can use our easy payment plan) (Two hundred now and fifty when you can) (We wanted you to know we understand) La, la ,la, la, la You can take comfort in knowing, Miss Morgan He's where we all want to be Why are you laughing at me Don't you believe in eternity